Meet the Teacher… Mary

14360067354_fd777a64c8_oMary Scott trained in dance (ballet, jazz and modern) throughout her childhood and trained and performed classical voice until her late 20s. She then trained in Acting and Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts, Ontario followed by a year’s apprenticeship with a professional company. Since then she has been acting professionally and teaching acting and drama skills mainly in youth and student theatre contexts including Stagecoach, The XL Project, The Pauline Quirke Academy and Oxford Royale Academy amongst others, since the 1990s. Since 2007, Mary has been writing, producing and directing her own plays in professional and community contexts. Mary has been given distinctions for teaching skills at Oxford Royale Academy, is a certified Careers Coach and, as well as teaching for RM Drama, currently also works as a Learning Support Coach. She has recently written and produced an award winning short film called Seeing Grace.

Favourite PlaywrightsMichael Frayn, David Campton, Moliere

Favourite AuthorsJohn Grisham, Wilbur Smith, Kate Moss, Brock and Bodie Thoene

Favourite Poets: TS Elliot, Dylan Thomas, Adrian Plass, Steve Turner

Favourite Children’s Books:  Roald Dahl stories and the Narnia Chronicles.

First Dramatic Moment:  From about the age of 5, I and my friends loved to create and ‘produce’ our own dramas, dances and musicals, rehearsing in the garden, gathering all sorts of costumes and making props, setting out the seats (for our mothers) with their names on them and then performing to them!

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